Daily Lenglui is a blog site aimed at promoting beautiful Asian women to its viewers around the world. It was started back in January 2010 as our own personal collections of beautiful Asian women and since then, it has grown to over 180,000 unique visitors, 500,000 page-views per month and we're still growing!

Please note that Daily Lenglui strictly does not feature any nudity or pornographic pictures of any nature.

What Makes us Different?
Daily Lenglui differentiates itself from the other similar websites by putting in more efforts in creating really well-researched posts in English and habit of featuring lesser-known models or smaller celebrities. Apart from the fact that we love what we do, we're pretty good in our selection of girls.

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Why was Daily Lenglui Created?
The relationship between English and other Asian languages is not a one-way street. We find it extremely difficult to know in-depth about the girls that are popular at the other side of the world. Hence, we searched across multiple search engines, forums, videos, news portals and social networking websites that are in different languages that we don't even understand. We hope by translating and sharing who is hot on Asia's internet, foreign netizens can have a better understanding on them.

What Makes our Girls Different?
All our girls are carefully selected with sheer amount of hours dedicated in filtering all their best-looking photos. It's like picking the right stocks to invest in. Most of them have potential, highly talented and beautiful in their very own way.

What does Daily Lenglui means?
The word "Lenglui" in Chinese Cantonese means Pretty Girl and originally, it supposed to be one girl post daily. But we couldn't cope up due to the immense amount of work required and our busy schedule. Instead, we focus more in quality post over quantity.

How can we Help?
If you are our girls, Daily Lenglui helps by generating new followers and creating your online presence from our highly visited and searched blog site. You may treat it as a free publicity from us. But, if you don't like what we're doing, kindly contact us.

If you are the photographers, hopefully it will bring you more publicity. We do not own the photos. Unfortunately, we couldn't credit all the photographers since all the photos are taken from various sources. So hereby, we would like to take this opportunity to credit all the photographers for taking such beautiful photos and we do appreciate your work.