Here we have our ever growing list of useful sites and links that we often used and refer to.

Social Networks
Facebook: Facebook is the top social network in most part of the world and one of the biggest with 800 million registered users as per September 2011.

Twitter: One of the social networks pioneer in micro-blogging service.

Multiply: Multiply is originally a social networking service but slowly evolved into an online shopping storefront. It is currently popular in Southeast Asia especially Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

While Facebook and Twitter have won hearts all over the world but in some countries social networking scene is completely dominated by domestic players. Though they might look like clones of the Facebook and Twitter, they have their own popularity in the region.

RenRen: Renren is the most popular social networking site in China. Started as an exact duplicate of Facebook.

Weibo: Owned by Sina Corporation, Weibo is the largest micro blogging site in China. The Twitter like service has expanded to most of the Chinese-speaking countries.

Wretch: Taiwan's most popular blogging and photo album service.

Cyworld: Cyworld is a South Korean social network service. Many renowned Korean socialites and celebrities have accounts where they post upcoming tours and works.

Other Asian Sites
Gumship: Gumship is the spot for Asian-American men to stay updated with all the best news, lifestyle and entertainment.

MOKO: One of the largest modeling website in Asia mainly used by models, photographers, artists, designers, make-up artists and producers to showcase their portfolios.

RedFlava: A site is dedicated to Asian fashion models with the latest pictures and stories on all the popular girls from China, Japan and Korea.

MainlandHotties: A premier English language site dedicated to all the alluring and mysterious women hidden deep within the heart of the P.R.C.

YouTube: YouTube is one of the best-known mainstream video-hosting site on the Web.

Youku & Tudou: China's alternatives to YouTube.

Soompi: One of the ultimate forum site for K-pop and Asian entertainment related news.

AsianFanatics: Asian entertainment and lifestyle forum.

Search Engines
Baidu: China's alternative to Google and useful when it comes to Chinese keyword searching.

Google Translate: Our most useful tool when it comes to language translation since most of the sites we surfed speak in languages that we will never understand.

We are also happy to run a link exchange programme with other similar sites out there. We all share the same goal: to build an enormous amount of traffic and link exchanges help to foster this goal. (* subject to our approval)


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